Our Method Engineers realize more efficient ways to design the increasingly complex electrical systems in aerospace products. In addition to the increasing electronic content of aerospace platform our engineers provide a fresh approach to electrical architecture to be defined and managed throughout its lifecycle and the following benefits are achieved continuously:

  1. Our Engineers performs each operation analysis, work design and simplification of process, in order to achieve Lower costs, enhanced Quality, increasing reliability and productivity.
  2. Method Engineers support production team to identify any technical change for FAI litigation (technical query’s) thru online using LAVOGNE software.
  3. Improved quality of data made possible by data-centric tools combined with workflow and effectivity-based configuration management.
  4. Ability to model EWIS mandates to converge on optimal solution.
  5. Reduction of engineering change costs due to real-time design rule checking – ensuring “correct by construction” methodology.
  6. Virtual prototyping due to embedded electrical analysis capabilities, i.e. FMEA, inside the design tools (CATIA).

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