Laser Marking

UV Laser Marking:

Our UV Laser Marking equipment has been upgraded to include a 50HZ laser giving the machine a far faster throughput rate of 15-20 metres per minute. The machine laser marks and cuts to the stringent standards and specifications as per the ASXXXXX standards. Handles all UV-markable single-core wires and shielded multi-core cables from gauge 6 (6.30mm) to 26 (0.75mm) as standard. Cable length accepted from 150 mm (5.9’’) to 999m (3, 278 ft) and Powered de-reeling mechanism designed for high wire marking speed.

UV Laser Marking is the preferred marking system for the Aerospace Industry as it is a non-aggressive and non-contact process which leaves the integrity of the cable insulation unaffected whilst providing a permanent print (resistant even to hot hydraulic fluids). UV Laser Marking also reduces the weight of the assemblies as compared with assemblies using standard idents / marking products.


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