Final Inspector

100% of harnesses and electronic equipment’s are tested and controlled thanks to an Acceptance Test Procedure before their delivery to customer. The tests and the controls are performed all along the manufacturing and assembly processes. The results are recorded.

These activities are key contributors to the continuous improvement strategy and ensure non conformity management. Non conformities are managed according to internal quality documents (8D, etc.) or in conjunction with customer documents (QN, etc.). The results of investigations lead to curative, corrective and preventive actions.

SEFEE matches international quality standards and airworthiness regulations. SEFEE is holder of certificates and agreements, especially to manufacture and to repair aeronautical parts.

According to ISO9001 and EN9100 recommendations, SEFEE development and manufacturing activities are supported by processes and procedures referenced in SEFEE Quality Manual. This manual describes 10 processes addressing all the company activities.

In addition to these internal practices, SEFEE may apply additional requirements necessary to reach the quality assurance level required by the customer for a project. All the specific quality provisions are addressed in the project Quality Assurance Plan.


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